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November 4, 2007

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6 Responses to “Alice de Winton Posts”

  1. Margaret Bailey Says:

    I have the baptimal record for Alice Wilson (de Winton)(she was my husbands great Aunt)I would like to know where your birth information came from and also the middle name ‘Leila’ which you attribute to her. I have no record of it.
    She was baptised at St Saviour Paddington on sept 21 1870
    and the address was Park house, Maida Vale. Her parents were Henry and Louisa Wilson. Louisa was the daughter of the famous equestrian and circus manager Andrew Ducrow. I have more information on her actress sisters Dora, Eva and Lucy if anyone is interested.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I see that you haven’t altered the info on this page about Alice- on the 1871 cencus she was age 7mths old which would suggest the bapismal date is fairly accurate. De Winton was a stage name not a married name.

    • Julia Salmon Says:

      If Margaret Bailey is still on this site, please do get in touch. I am a heritage guide and researcher at the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds. I have been researching the de Winton sisters and their family and would love to communicate with you to find out more – and verify the information I have, perhaps adding to it. Dora de Winton has a link to the theatre and it would be splendid to add colour to the theatre history, as well as theatre of the time, by expanding on the de Winton story.

  2. Julia Salmon Says:

    I have also been researching information on Dora, Alice and Lucy – on behalf of the Theatre Royal Heritage Guides in Bury St Emunds, Suffolk – where Dora de Winton had an early role in ‘Charley’s Aunt’, which premiered at the Theatre Royal, Bury, before becoming a world-wide success. I would be very interested to get in touch with anyone who has further information on this family – as there is considerable discrepancy in the official records.

    Please, please do anyone get in touch! Message me via Facebook – Julia Salmon,

  3. Margaret Bailey Says:

    Hi if you email me on I have more information on the family the information you have on this site for Alice,s birth is not correct. As I mentioned before DE Winton was a stage name. Her birth name was Wilson.
    Regards Margaret Bailey.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I notice the errors regarding Alice de Winton have still not been corrected on this site after many years.

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