Ethyle Batley Posts

November 4, 2007



3 Responses to “Ethyle Batley Posts”

  1. Phyll Smith Says:

    The excellent early essay on early British women filmmakers Tension of Genre by Caroline Merz says:

    “Ethyl Batley, under her own production company, made 67 films in the 4 years between 1912 and 1916.”

    W Dixon (ed) Re-viewing British cinema 1900-1992, SUNY Press, 1994 page 121-122

  2. Christine Gledhill Says:

    See Ethyle speaking about her daughter in an interview with the eleven-year old leading lady, Dorothy Batley in “The Girl on Film No 2: Miss Dorothy Batley” in “The Picturegoer,” 29.11.13: 226-8.

  3. Christine Gledhill Says:

    See also: “Pictures and the Picturegoer,” 14.11.1914: 217: “Busy Lady Producer” – “Mrs Batley is the only lady-producer I know of.”

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