Ouida Bergere Posts

November 4, 2007



One Response to “Ouida Bergere Posts”

  1. Keith Lindsey Says:

    Her real name was Eula Berger and she was born in Little Rock, Arkasas on 14 Dec 1889.
    She was engaged to act in ‘Excuse Me’ at the Gaeity Theatre NY commencing Feb 1911, but is not listed in the opening night cast. She then acted in ‘The Stranger’ at the Bijou Theatre, NY in Dec 1911.
    She became a scenario writer for Pathe in New York and met George Fitzmaurice there, during the making of the picture, ‘Via Wireless’ in 1915. She used the name Ouida Bergere before and after her marriage, and lived at Great Neck, Long Island, New York, with her husband. Her husband filed for divorce in November 1924, on the grounds of desertion. George and Ouida sailed to England in 1921 to produce pictures for Famous Players/Laskey, and returned to New York in August 1923.
    Ouida Rathbone filed for Bankrupcy in June, 1926

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