Dr Nikola Hamilton Posts

November 17, 2007



2 Responses to “Dr Nikola Hamilton Posts”

  1. Bob Gray Says:

    I am researching the Walturdaw Company and have them producing a film in 1914 titled Guarding Britain’s Secrets
    (The Fiends of Hell – US title).
    Directed by Charles Calvert with script by Dr Nikola Hamilton. Starring Douglas Payne, Dr Nikola Hamilton and Norman Howard.
    The plot is about a detective with supernatural powers, charged with protecting state secrets from a villainous medium with extraordinary hypnotic powers.
    I cannot find any information about Dr Nikola Hamilton?


  2. Dear Bob,

    Thanks for your post. As you can see, we don’t know much about Nikola Hamilton. We just have a name which given to us when we first started compiling a list of women on this site (assuming that NH is indeed a woman and not a man!) I’ve asked Janice Healey, whose specialist area of research is British film actors/actresses, to respond to your query via this posts page. Please check back.

    Best, Nathalie

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