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June 22, 2008

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  1. Christine Gledhill Says:

    See The Film Weekly, 15.2.30: 6 for her article, “The Hidden People’ – quote:

    Buried Romance
    Under the screech and the yell of modernity—under the seething noise called Progress—there still crawl the ghosts of the past. Dead Kings and Queens whose histories were wrapt in romance and blood. Dead, almost forgotten spics of courage, endurance and English tenacity . . . stories we wtill tell our children while they are young enough to assimilate and gasp at the wonder of a past which paved the way to our present.
    Will you not give us a glimpse of our England? Let who will fail, England will not. These people have sat here a thousand years, and here will continue to sit. They will not break up or arrive at any desperate revolution, like their neighbours; for they have as much energy, as much continuance of character, as they ever had.”
    \ And that was Emerson.

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