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April 12, 2009

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  1. William Squair Says:

    I visited my great aunt when she was living on the Isle of Seal a little to the South of Oban Scotland.

    As far as I know she was born in 1900

    She was a very old lady in her 80’s living in a beautiful fisherman’s earth floored cottage by the waters side.

    We talked of her belief in Scotland and her hopes for its future as a full partner in the EU.

    Her family in London were connected to the African Missionaries and early settlers in South Africa and Rhodesia.

    She spoke of her early days as a journalist in London and her experiences when she was thought to be in the group that removed the Stone Of Scone to Scotland from Westminster Abby.

    She told of her intimidation by MI5 the opening of her letters and almost continuous and threatening observation.

    Like most Scots she was a radical and demanded independence for her country the English were right she detested their institutions.

    She had written a number of books and gave me a copy of “Scotland in Europe”.

    Was the subject to a plagiarism charge which she put down to the Establishment.

    She was very poor and trying to stay out of the “knacckers shop” where the housing authority sent old Scots to die.

    They got her just after my visit and she was dead in a few weeks.

    A sad end for a patriot and a cultured women.

    I think that I have a photograph taken on my visit.

    • Dear William,

      Thanks very much for posting this information about your great Aunt. Fascinating, and very interesting to hear more about her commitment to Scottish politics, especially given the basic info regarding her novel that we have on her homepage. Can you shed any more light on her early journalistic career? Do you know if she left any papers relating to her work, or where these might have ended up?

      We have 1902 as her birth date, taken from the register of births. Would you be able to provide the year of her death to add to her homepage?

      With thanks,

      Nathalie, WSBC

  2. William Squair Says:

    Dear Nathalie, of WSBC,

    I visited Olive Squair in August 1978 and it was 3 letters later that she died (C1999) .

    I lost contact when they moved her.

    The Post Master at Balvicker on the Isle of Seal said that some had been to see her and she was settling in I think it was at Locharbour.

    She had a lot of paper in her cottage and it probably was all destroyed when she moved but may not have been so try the local archivist associated with their central library, maybe Oban.

    The Post Master might put you onto the lady who cared for her at home.

    MI5 had her under observation and harassed her so they would have a file which you might be able to get under the FOI thing.

    She had no close family as far as I know.

    For the record she was a short(C 5 foot) round old lady who on one meeting I loved as my kin.

    Try for a by line search in the Guardian and womens papers.


    William Squair

  3. Anonymous Says:

    William. Catching up with you again owing to your comments here. I first came aware of Olive when I found her book ‘Scotland in Europe’ and for some reason,(genes perhaps) have the same political views.
    After a few years, best regards.
    Norman David Squair (Melbourne)

  4. William M Squair Says:

    Dear Norman David Squair,

    Do not know which of the three trees of Squair you belong memory fails me.

    Am in Cairns at the moment escaping the winter.

    All my records are in the South.

    Love to have a chat my telephone # 61 (0) 41 333 9 111.



    • Norman David Squair Says:

      Circumstances prevented me catching up with you earlier and I tried to reach you on Saturday 27th on the number you left. I’m in Melbourne on (03) 9436 4884 or you can contact me by e-mail.
      Best regards,

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