‘Scribes of the Screen’, Motion Picture Studio, 1 April 1922, p. 112.

Includes brief biographies and filmographies for: Helen Blizzard, Kate Gurney, Alicia Ramsey, Irene Miller, Chrystabel Lowndes Yates and Muriel Alleyne.

Dryhurst, Edward, ‘The British Scenarist of Today’, Bioscope British Film Number 1929 (between 12 December and 19 December 1928 issues), p. 225.

In this article Dryhurst discusses of the practicalities of screenwriting, changes in British screenwriting practise (‘To-day, happily, the shots in the average British continuity are numbered consecutively, the old method of designating incidental and added scenes, “A. B. C…” and so on, having been abandoned’). Dryhurst also differentiates between a ‘treatment’ and a ‘continuity’ (shooting script).


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