We are now counting down the days to the 13th British Silent Film Festival! The festival runs 15th-18th April in Leicester and the theme for this year’s event is exploration, science and nature in the British silent film.

On the Saturday (17 April), Women and Silent British Cinema will be hosting a panel looking at the varied roles of women both in front of and behind the camera in the years before 1930 (‘From Actresses to Aviatrices’). And on Sunday, there will be an informal discussion session where we will share updates on research into women and silent Britain, bring news from the UK & Ireland Women’s Film History Network, and look ahead to the next BFI Women and Silent Britain event, loosely scheduled for November 2011.

Over the course of the four days we will be writing a women-focused festival diary, highlighting films and presentations of especial interest to this site. To whet your appetites in the meantime though, read more about some of women involved in cinema and science, exploration and/or nature…

Jessica Borthwick

Rosita Forbes

Mrs D H Scott

Mary Field

Stella Court Treatt

Read the Women at the Festival Diary…

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