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Daisy Agnew, Gertrude Allen, Mary Marsh Allen, Muriel Alleyne, D. N. Anderson, Mrs S.H. Ash, Dorothea Baird, Miss Florence Baker, Betty Balfour, Eve Balfour, Edith Banks, Iris Barry, Ethyle Batley, Laura Bayley, Ena Beaumont, Mrs K. Beck, Ouida Bergere, Gwen Berry, Mrs John Stuart Blackton, Helen Blizzard, Mrs Aubrey Le Blond (Mrs Main), Jessica Borthwick, Marjorie Bowen, Dorothy Braham, Mrs George H Bray, Billie Bristow, Florence Britton, Millicent Bromhead, Constance Bromley, Mrs Bertram Brooke, Millicent Brown, Adey Brunel (aka Dale Laurence), Babs Brunel, Bryher (Annie Winifred Ellerman), (Ina?) Bubna (Countess), Lilian Bunce, Constance Burleigh, Ethel Bushell


Sylvia Cavalho, Pat Charles, Margaret Chute, May Hershal Clarke, Ivy Close, Elsie Codd, Elsie Cohen, Constance Collier, Maud Collins, Miss Constant, Gordon Conway, Miss Cook, Marguerite Corbridge, Marie Corelli, Adeline Culley (Culley Forde), Tilly Day, Ethel M. Dell, Jane Denison, Marcelle de Saint Martin, Alice de Winton, Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), Ivy Duke, Miss Elliott, Nell Emerald, Monica Ewer, Grace Faulconer, Hazel Ffennell, Mary Field, Rosita Forbes, Miss Jessie Fuller, Marjorie Gaffney, Nellie Tom Gallon, Margaret E. Gibbs, Elinor Glyn, Rona D. Goetz, Lucy Duff Gordon (Lady), Frances E. Grant, Violet Green, Mrs Sydney (Sidney?) Groom(e?), Kate Gurney


Dr Nikola Hamilton, Miss Hare, Alison Hardy, Miss J.M. Harvey, Kathleen Hayden, Agnes Haynes, Lydia Hayward, Eileen Hellstern, Rosina Henley, Margaret Hepworth, Violet Hopson, Maud Hughes, E M Hull, Peggy Hyland, Miss Imber, Jean Jay, Isabel (Isobel?) Johnstone, Miss Josephs, Margaret Kennedy, Jean de Kiharski, Mrs E. C. Kirmse, Elsa Lanchester, Dale Laurence, Cora Lawrence, Caroline Lejeune, Josie P. Lederer, Josephine Levett, Leila Lewis, Pauline Lewis, Mrs Francis Ling, Elizabeth Lonergan, Gertrude Lord, Enid Lorimer, Nellie E. Lucoque


Peggy McCall, Mrs McCullah, Blanche McIntosh, Miss Macintosh, Louise Maclean, Ella Mallet, Renie Marrison, Margaret Marshall, Daisy Martin, Kathleen Mason, Mrs Jack May, Evelyn (Daisy) Maynard, Abby Meehan, Jackeydawra Melford, Edith Mellor (Edward Waltyre?), Anne Merwin, Blanche Metcalfe, Helena Millais, Irene Miller, Ruby Miller, ‘Hell’ Montagu, Joan Morgan, Stella Muir, Mary Murillo, Kate Murray, Edith Nepean, Margot Neville, Clara Novello-Davies


Mrs Oakden, Mary O’Connor, Audrey Oliver, Anny Ondra, Sarah Parkinson, Miss N. Paynter, Mrs Richard Podevin, Violet E. Powell, Lena Purcell, Jessie Quigley, Alicia Ramsey, Devika Rani, Edith Reed, Ella Langford Reed, Alma Reville, Dorothy Richardson, Maud Riseley, Rita (Mrs Desmond Humphreys), Jessie Robertson, Alice E. Robinson, Grace Rose, Sylvia Rosen, Alice Rosenthal, Mrs John Russell (Hon.), Henderina (Mrs D. H.) Scott, Encarnacion Scott, Dora Shaw, Lizzie Shaw, Fern Sherie, May Sherman, Dinah Shurey, Nerina Shute, Dorothy Smalley, Connie Spark, Hetty Spiers, Olive M. Squair, Lucita Squier, Leila Stewart, Marie Stopes, Mrs Stotesbury, E. Alma Stout, Miss M Swift


Jane Tarlo, Clara Tarrant, Alma Taylor, Lucy Heys Thompson, Diana Torr, Gladys, Marchioness of Townshend, Stella Court Treatt, Dolly Tree, Margaret Turnbull, Florence Turner, Eve Unsell, Ada Aline Urban, Val Valentine, Mrs J. D. Walker, Miss Wallis, Frances (Daisy), Countess of Warwick, Miss Wells, Rebecca West, Dorothy Westlake, Marjory Williams, Rose M. Williams, Alice M. Williamson, Virginia Woolf, May Wynne, Christabel Lowndes Yates

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