link-question-3.jpg Née Alice Muriel Livingston aka A. M. Williamson aka Mrs C. N. Wiliamson aka Alice Stuyvesant

b. c.1869, Nebraska(?), USA

d. 24 September 1933, Bath, Somerset, England

Author and Screenwriter.

Alice was an extremely prolific writer. She married the author Charles Norris Williamson in 1894, in Hampstead, London. Between 1898(?) and her death, she wrote a number of novels, travel books and short stories both by herself and in collaboration with her husband. In 1928 her book ‘Alice in Movieland’ (1927) was serialised in the magazine Picture Show. According to the magazine ‘the popular authoress [had] lately visited Hollywood where she had the entree to all the studios and met the most famous cinema stars. Here she describes not only their personalities in racy or intimate detail, but takes us behind the scenes, and tells the secret of their screen successes’ (7 July 1928, pp. 16-17). One of the subjects of Alice in Movieland was the British novelist and screenwriter Elinor Glyn.

Alice’s 1927 story Honeymoon Hate was adapted into a Hollywood film the same year and she is also credited as co-writer (with C. N. Williamson and Joseph Anthony Roach) of the 1928 American serial The Man without a Face (NM & JH).

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