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*Indicates confirmed collaborations with C. N. Willliamson. The status of other titles listed under this first section are yet to be confirmed. Books confirmed as being credited solely to Alice M. Williamson are listed under a separate heading below.

Many of these titles were published in magazines before being collected in book form. Further information on these may be available online from The Fiction Mags Index.

Please let us know if there are any mistakes or if you can help us with omissions.

The Barn Stormers: Being The Tragical Side of Comedy (1897)
Fortune’s Sport [A Tale] (1898)
Lady Mary of the Dark House (1898)
The House by the Lock (1899)
The Newspaper Girl (1899)
The Adventures of Princess Silvia (1900)
My Lady Cinderella (1900)
Ordered South (1900)
A Bid For a Cornet (1901)
‘Twixt Devil and Deep Sea (1901)
Queen Sweetheart (1901)
Papa (1902)
Queen Alexandra, the Nation’s Pride, The Life Story of the Sea-King’s Daughter (1902)
The Silent Battle (1902)
*The Lightning Conductor: The Strange Adventures of a Motor Car (1903)
The Little White Nun (1903)
The House by the Lock (1903)
The Woman Who Dared (1903)
The Turnstile of Night (1904)
*The Princess Passes: A Romance of the Motor (1904)
The Sea Could Tell (1904)
*My Friend the Chauffeur (1905)
*Rosemary in Search of a Father (1906)
*Lady Betty Across the Water (not later than 1906)
*The Princess Virginia (not later than 1907)
*The Car of Destiny (1907)
*The Chauffer and the Chaperon (not later than 1908)
*Set in Silver (The Motor Travel Library) (1909)
The Underground Syndicate (1910)
*Lord Loveland Discovers America (not later than 1910)
*The Motor Maid (not later than 1910)
*The Golden Silence (not later than 1911)
The Flower Forbidden (1911)
*Heather Moon (1912)
Princess Mary’s Locked Book (1912)
*The Guests of Hercules (not later than 1912)
*The Port of Adventure (The Motor Travel Library) (1913)
The Barn Stormers (1913)
The Vanity Box (1913)
*The Love Pirate (not later than 1913)
*It Happened in Egypt (not later than 1914)
*Secret History: Revealed by Lady Peggy O’ Malley (1915)
*The Shop Girl (1916)
*The Lion’s Mouse (1918)
*The Wedding Day (not later than 1919)
*The Second Latchkey (1920)
*The Lady from the Air (not later than 1923)
The Indian Princess [Tales] (1924)
Name the Woman (1924)
*The Lure of Monte Carlo (1924)
Secret Gold (1925)
Cancelled Love (1926)
Told at Monte Carlo (1926)
Publicity For Anne (1926)
The Lure of Vienna (1926)
Sheikh Bill (1927)
Hollywood Love (1928)
Children of the Zodiac (1929)
Frozen Slippers (1930)
The Golden Carpet (1931)
Honeymoon Hate (1931)
Bewitched (1932)
Last Year’s Wife (1932)
The Girl in the Secret (1932)
Keep This Door Shut (1933)
The Lightning Conductor Comes Back (1933)

*A Soldier of the Legion (?)
*Everyman’s Land (?)
*Winnie Childs (?)

Alice M. Williamson Solo credits

A Woman in Grey (1898)
The Castle of the Shadows (1909)
The Bride’s Breviary (1912)
The Life Mask: A Novel (1913)
The Man Himself (not later than 1925)
Alice In Movieland (1927)
Sheik Bill (not later than 1927)
Black Sleeves: It Happened in Hollywood (1928)
The Inky Way [Autobiographical Reminiscences] (1931)

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