As Editor:

Appearances (1922)
Beside the Bonnie Briar Bush (1922)
Three Live Ghosts (1923)
The Man From Home (1923)
Tell Your Children (1923)
God’s Prodigal (1923)
Woman to Woman (1924)
The White Shadow (1924)
The Prude’s Fall (1925)
The Passionate Adventure (1925)
The Blackguard (1925)
The Pleasure Garden (1926) (supervisor)

As Screenwriter:

The White Shadow (1925) (scenario by Michael Morton, Alfred Hitchcock (un-credited) and possibly Alma Reville (un-credited))
The Blackguard (1925) (scenario by Alfred Hitchcock and possibly Alma Reville (un-credited))
The Constant Nymph (1928 ) (Basil Dean, Angus MacPhail and Alma Reville)
A South Sea Bubble (1928 ) (Angus MacPhail and Alma Reville)
The First Born (1928 ) (Ian Dalrymple, Miles Mander and Alma Reville)
After the Verdict (1929)
A Romance of Seville (1929) (Alma Reville and Garnett Weston).

As Assistant Director:

Three Live Ghosts (1923) (second assistant dir.)
The Pleasure Garden (1926)
The Mountain Eagle (1926) (probable Assistant Director)
The Lodger (1926)

As Actor:

The Life Story of David Lloyd George (1918 ) (unreleased) (Megan Lloyd George)
The Lodger (1926) (cameo). (BFI credits her as ‘woman listening to wireless’)

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