Née Irene Raphael (aka Jane Dryden)

b. 1891, Brentford, Middlesex

d. 19 March 1987

Actress, Assistant to husband, director Adrian Brunel

Irene was the daughter of the London solicitor Ralph Raphael (b. c1848, London) and Eugenie Raphael (b. c1861, Liverpool). She was born in Brentford as were her siblings, Catherine (b. c1885), Horace Edward (b. c1886), and Violette (b. c1890). According to the 1901 census, she attended a girls school in Shoreham with her sister Violette. Later she moved to Paddington and in 1916 she married Adrian H J A Brunel-Norman, before giving birth to her son John Christopher D E A H Brunel in late 1920. She is the daughter-in-law of Adey Brunel.

Irene appeared in at least two films, which were both directed by her husband, The Cost of a Kiss (1917) and The Man Without Desire (1922). She worked under the name “Babs” Brunel and the pseudonym Jane Dryden.

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