Image courtesy of BFI Stills, Posters and Designs Née Millicent Frances Bristow

b. 5 January 1897, Cowes, Isle of Wight

d. 14 March 1981, Cowes, Isle of Wight

Scriptwriter, Publicist (inc. Hepworth Company, Broadwest, Fox, PDC, New Era), Assistant Studio Manager, Journalist

Billie worked in advertising and on the editorial and advertising staff for national newspapers (unspecified in her Kine Yearbook entries) before entering the film industry where she made her name as a publicist.

Billie married William Husband in 1922, whom she later divorced. She married her second husband, Major Michael Pleydell-Bouverie on 17 January 1935.

Billie wrote for a number of films after 1930, several of which were directed by George King. She also collaborated with writer Charles Bennett on a number of films produced by the British Lion Film Corporation and other companies. She was also a member of the Kinema Club (formed 1921).

Articles by Billie Bristow:

‘Officialism or Tactlessness? Billie Bristow on Permissions’, Motion Picture Studio, 4 August 1923, p. 13.

Other References

Cinema News and Property Gazette, 24 July 1919, p. 50. Advert: Apply to Bristow for portraits of Broadwest stars.

‘Who’s What’, Kinematograph Yearbook 1930, p. 288.

‘Who’s What’, Kinematograph Yearbook 1939, p. 315:

Served in advertising agency, on editorial and advertising staffs of Sunday and daily national newspapers. Became assistant studio and publicity manager for Broadwest. Publicity manager for Fox and P.D.C. Started independent press agency in 1919. Has organised and controlled press and advertising campaigns for productions and renting organisations; opening of the Astoria’s, the Hyams Theatres, the Curzon, etc. Organiser of charity and commercial film presentations including several royal matinees, also of Health and Beauty Exhibition, 1935, and section organiser Woman’s Fair and Exhibition, Olympia, 1938. Has conducted numerous commercial publicity campaigns. Director of Independent Film Production Company. Author or part author and scenarist for “Leave it to Me,” “Deadlock,” “Self Made Lady,” “Men of Steel,” “Tiger Bay,” “Shepherd’s Warning,” “House of Trent,” “Night Mail,” “Warn London,” “Gay Love”. Address: 10-12 Cork Street, W.1. Phone Regent 6862

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