b. 1893, Manchester, UK
d. 1981, Pinner, UK

Critic. Caroline Alice (C. A.) Lejeune was educated at Withington Girls School and Manchester University. C. P. Scott, the editor of the Manchester Guardian was a friend of Lejeune’s mother and helped start her career on the paper. Lejeune’s early interests included Verdi, Puccini and Gilbert and Sullivan but, ‘she also enjoyed the new, and not quite respectable medium of cinema, and saw in it the possibility of creating a respectable career’ (The Times, 2 April 1973, p. 16). She began writing on film for the Guardian around 1921 and continued to do so until 1928. Lejeune was film critic for the Sunday Observer from 1928-1960 and also wrote for numerous other publications including Picturegoer, Good Housekeeping, Time and Tide, the New York Times, Farmers Weekly, the Penguin Film Review and Sight and Sound. (NM)

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