Articles by Christabel Lowndes Yates:

‘British Films Abroad’, Motion Picture Studio, 1 April 1922, p. 11. (article by CLY and Muriel Alleyne).

‘Scribes of the Screen’, Motion Picture Studio, 1 April 1922, p. 112. Short biography notes that she ‘writes on films for various papers & collaborates with Muriel Alleyne on scenarios – Written seven stage plays all produced & short stories and articles. Hon Dramatic Sec. to Lyceum Club, and reader of scripts for films.’

‘The Position of the Screen Author: Christabel Lowndes-Yates replies to Sydney Morgan’, Motion Picture Studio, 29 April 1922, p. 13.

‘Submitting Scenarios’, Motion Picture Studio, 6 January 1923, p. 12

‘Do the Public Hate Our Pictures?’, Motion Picture Studio, 9 June 1923, p.?

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