Novelist, publicist, columnist for Picture Show magazine c. 1920s


‘A Welsh Novelist’, Stoll’s Editorial News, 11 August 1921, p. 11.

This short article on Nepean, to promote Stoll’s production of Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills (1921), offers some biographical details and is reproduced below in its entirety:

‘The authoress of “Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills” – which is now being produced for Stolls as a photoplay by Mr Martin Thornton – is Mrs Edith Nepean, who comes from a very old Welsh family. Mrs Nepean is a musician as well as a novelist, and an artist and an amateur actress to boot. She studied art under Robert Fowler, and has exhibited in the art galleries ; and she studied music under Dr Rowland Rogers, of Bangor.

In addition to “Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills”, she has written “Welsh Love,” described by Caradoc Evans as “a book teeming with many real and vivid character studies,” and her latest novel, “Jewels in the Dust” is to be published very shortly. She received her first encouragement – in a literary direction – from the Right Honorable David Lloyd George, who, having read some of her work, strongly advised her to go in for fiction; and “the distinguished countryman” to whom she dedicated “Welsh Love” is really the Prime Minister. “Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills” was openly dedicated to the Welsh Wizard by permission.

Mrs Nepean was born and educated at Llandudno, and she is wife of Molyneux Edward Nepean, eldest surviving son of the late Evan Colville Nepean, C.B.

She has been interested from her childhood in Welsh life, customs and folklore, and was a prize-winner at the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales. She received a command from the King to attend the Investiture of the Prince of Wales at Carnarvon in 1911, and wrote an article on it for Nash’s Magazine which bore a foreword by Mr Lloyd George.

All the interior scenes in “Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills” are to be filmed in the actual spots indicated in the novel.’

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