References to Elsie Codd

Cinema News and Property Gazette, 15 May 1919, no. 344, vol., XV, p. ?:

(report on Elsie Codd sailing for America to become Chaplin’s press representative in LA, having been his British rep for the past three years).

Articles by Elsie Codd

Kinematograph Weekly:

‘The Feminine Touch’, a series of articles to replace Kathleen Mason‘s column, ‘Through a Woman’s Eyes’, from January 1922.

Pictures and Picturegoer:

‘Charlie Chaplin’s Censor’, 17 April 1920, p. 395.

‘The Vamp Who Isn’t: The Screen Fashion Plate – Louise Glaum’, 8 May 1920, p. 486 .

‘On Location’ [in Los Angeles], 15 May 1920, p. 509.

‘Paint and Powder’, 22 May 1920, p. 545.

‘Movie Extras: All About the “Extra” Ladies and Gentlemen of the Movies’, 5 June 1920, p. 600.

‘The Man Behind the Camera’, 19 June 1920, p. 650-651.

‘”Props” – for Short’, 26 June 1920, p. 683.

‘The Men Who Print the Movies’, 3 July 1920, p. 20.

‘Dressing the Movies’, 10 July 1920, p. 43.

‘Charlie Chaplin’s First Scrapbook’, 3 July 1920, p. 154.

The Picturegoer:

‘Modes and Movies’, June 1921, pp. 8-9.

‘Coogan the Kid’, October 1921, pp. 24-25.

‘Seeing Limehouse with Mabel Normand’, September 1922, pp. 24-25.

‘Getting out of the Groove: On Screen Stars in General and Charles Chaplin in Particular’, February 1923, p. 47.

‘The Golden Girl: All About Edna Purviance’, September 1923, p. 36.

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