Interviews, Trade Journals, Newpapers and Magazines

Bioscope, 18 January 1917,

De Berg, Hazel, Conversation with Enid Lorimer, radio interview, Oral History Section, National Library of Australia, 1981, ORAL DeB 1243.

Manchester Guardian, 31 October 1928, p.14.

Obituary, Sydney Morning Herald, 17 July 1982, p.7.

Obituary, Times, 17 July 1982, p.10.


Lorimer, Enid, The Amazing Refuge (London: J.M. Ouseley & Son, 1924).

Parkinson, Michael, The Best of Parkinson (Australia: Thomas Nelson, 1983), p.137.

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Catalogues and Reference Works

Gifford, Dennis, British Film Catalogue 1895-1985, Vol.1 Fiction Films (Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1986), Nos. 06108, 06216, p.225 &.

Terpstra, Mirte, Girls From the Sky: A Critical Catalogue of Women in the Production of British Silent Cinema 1914-1918 (British Film Institute, 2006), p.32.

Audio-visual Materials

ON Stage! Videos of Australian Playwrights and Performers Archive: Enid Lorimer, video recording, Archival Stage Series (Australia Council, 1979).

On-Line Sources

Enid Lorimer website,

National Theatre Archive, [last accessed 13.08.09].

Passenger List, S.S. Barrabool, 6 September 1923, [last accessed 13.08.09].

Online Collections Database, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney,,australian+packaging+award [last accessed 13.08.09].

Archival Sources

Birth Certificate Registration, March 1888 Paddington 1b.

British Passport 234866, Mrs Enid Lorimer, issued 20 July 1930, Enid Lorimer Archive, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Cast list, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Archive, TR0191305.

Company Records, Femina Films, National Archives, Kew, BT 31/23281/143935.

Marriage Certificate, Enid Nunn and H.G.W. Zerffi, 27 July 1912, Knaresborough.

Membership Register, Library of the Theosophical Society, London.


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