Original Novel/Story

The Way of an Eagle (1918)
The Safety Curtain (1918) [US]
The Rocks of Valpre (1919)
The Swindler (1919)
The Tidal Wave (1920)
The Hundredth Chance (1920)
A Question of Trust (1920)
Bars of Iron (1920)
The Prey of the Dragon (1921)
The Knave of Diamonds (1921)
The Place of Honour (1921)
Greatheart (1921)
The Woman of His Dream (1921)
The Knight Errant (1922)
A Debt of Honour (1922)
The Eleventh Hour (1922)
Lamp in the Desert (1922)
The Experiment (1922)
Her Own Free Will (1924) [US]
The Rose of Paris (1924) [US]
The Top of the World (1925) [US]

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