Interviews, Trade Journals, Newpapers and Magazines

Gifford, Denis, ‘The Early Memories of Maurice Elvey’, Griffithiania 60/61, pp. 117-119.

The Times (selected references):

3 December 1915, p. 4.
1 March 1920, p. 12.
29 July 1921, p. 8
19 June 1922, p. 12
16 June 1926, p. 5
16 September 1929, p. 10.

Books and Articles

Beauman, Nicola, A Very Great Profession: The Woman’s Novel 1914-39 (London: Virago, 1983).

Dell, Penelope, Nettie and Sissie: A Biography of Ethel M. Dell and her Sister Ella (London: Hamilton, 1977).

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Fiction by Dell

The Way of an Eagle (1911)
The Knave of Diamonds (1912)
Greatheart (1912)
The Rocks of Valpre (1914)
The Keepers of the Door (1915)
The Bars of Iron (1916)
The Hundredth Chance (1917)
The Rose of Dawn (1917)
The Safety Curtain and Other Stories (1917) [includes The Experiment, Those Who Wait, The Eleventh Hour, The Place of Honour]
The Lamp in the Desert (1919)
The Tidal Wave and Other Stories (1920) [includes The Magic Circle, The Looker-On, The Second Fiddle, The Woman of His Dream, The Return Game]
The Desire of His Life (1920)
The Top of the World (1920)
The Obstacle Race (1921)
Rosa Mundia and Other Stories (1921) [includes A Debt of Honour, The Deliverer, The Secret Service Man, The Prey of the Dragon, The Penalty]
The Knight Errant (19??)
The Odds and Other Stories (1922)
[includes Without Prejudice, Her Own Free Will, The Consolation Prize, Her Freedon, Death’s Property, The Sacrifice]
Charles Rex (1922)
Verses (1923)
Tetherstones (1923)
The Unknown Quantity (1924)
The Passer-By and Other Stories (1925)
A Man Under Authority (1925)
The Black Knight (1926)
The House of Happiness and Other Stories (1927)
The Gate Marked Private (1928 )
By Request (1928 )
The Altar of Honour (1929)
Storm Drift (1930)
The Silver Bait (1932)
Dona Celestis (1933)
The Prison Wall (1933)
The Electric Torch (1934)
Where Three Roads Meet (1935)
Honeyball Farm (1937)
The Juice of the Pomegranate (1938 )
The Serpent in the Garden (1938 )
Sown Among Thorns (1939)

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