link-question-3.jpg Gertrude M. Allen

Studio Publicity and scenario writer with the Hepworth company.

Wrote the scenario for Her Boy (1915), directed by Frank Wilson for the Hepworth Manufacturing Company.


The Bioscope, 1 July 1920, p. xxvii

Henry Edwards Special Collection, HEE 1/2. ‘Miss Allen’ referenced in Edwards’ diary 26th November 1921.

Articles by Gertrude Allen

‘On Writing Scenarios’ series in Motion Picture Studio [NB BFI holdings incomplete so following references are also incomplete]

‘On Writing Scenarios II: Choice of the Theme’, MPS, 24 December 1921, p. 11.

‘On Writing Scenarios III: Analysis of the Scenario’, MPS, 31 December 1921, p. 12.

‘On Writing Scenarios IV: Writing for an Individual Artiste’, MPS, 14 January 1922, p. 14.

‘On Writing Scenarios VI: “Making Up” and Placing Photoplays’, MPS, 21 January 1922, p. 14.

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