Conway designed costumes for films including  Confetti (1927), God’s Clay (1928), Sir or Madam (1928), Peggy Ann (details tbc), and The Return of the Rat (1928). She also designed for the theatre and her stage credits include Patricia.

‘A properly designed frock should belong as distinctively to the film for which it is designed as do the sub-titles’ (Gordon Conway  – ‘Frocks for Films’).


‘Dresses for The Rat‘, The Bioscope, 28 November 1928, p. 26:

‘The dresses in this Graham Cutts production, which have to follow the smartest Paris fahions, are designed by Miss Gordon Conway, who has made a reputation as a dress designer in New York, where she supplied drawings for many of the principal theatres. Miss Conway, whose work is striking, works in consultation with Mr Cutts, the producer, Mr MacNab, the art director, and Mr Oberbaugh, the cameraman’.

Conway, Gordon, ‘Frocks for Films’, The Bioscope British Film Number 1928, p. 244 (between 12 and 19 December issues).

Conway discusses issues such as the photographic properties of fabric (see also ‘Clothes are Worth a Second Thought’ by Marcelle de St Martin); the effect properly designed clothes can have on an artiste’s performance, the demands of artistes (‘it is quite surprising how often one meets artists with a genuine inferiority complex as regards some particular part of their anatomy’); anticipating fashions (‘the frocks have to be designed some little time in advance of the production and the film may not be in circulation for six months to a year after production…unfortunately changes in fashion are commonly of a rather definite character’) (NM).

Eve, 31 August 1927 (includes photographic portrait).


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