link-question-2.jpg Writer for the Film Censor
Articles by Grace Faulconer

‘Women and Cinematography: Her Position in the Photoplay ‘, Film Censor, 26 June 1912, p. 4.

‘Women In Cinematography: Why We Like the Photoplay’, Film Censor, 10 July 1912, p. 3 .

‘Women and Cinematography: Its Influence on our Emotions’, Film Censor, 17 July 1912, p. 3 (uncredited? but probably by Grace).

‘Daddy Matthews: A Film Drama’, Film Censor, 7 August 1912, p. 1.

‘A Plea for More “Artistic Treatment” in Picture Production’, Film Censor, 21 August 1912, p. 4.

‘”Viewer” For the Cinema: New opening For Women’s Work’, Film Censor, 1 January 1913, p. 2.


Janice Healey

Christine Gledhill

One Response to “Grace Faulconer Homepage”

  1. Christine Gledhill Says:

    Film Censor, 1.1.13: 2, Grace Faulconer, ‘”Viewer” For the Cinema: New Opening for Women’s Work’

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