link-question-1.jpg Née Helen Blizard

b. 1872, Manchester, UK

d. 1956, Chichester, Sussex, UK

Actress, Continuity, Writer with brother(?) Thomas Blizard, Assistant Editor, Assistant Director.

(Thomas Henry Blizard, b. 1866, Salford, UK, d. 1934, London, UK)

Helen is credited as writer for two films, The Key of the World (1918, Gaumont British) and The Beetle (1919, Barker). The Beetle was based on the novel by Richard Marsh, and is the story of the spirit of an Egyptian princess which disguises itself as a beetle to get revenge on a British politician. (See Walter Lee, Reference Guide to Fantastic Films (LA: Chelsea Lee Books, 1973) p.29. (CW)


‘Scribes of the Screen’, Motion Picture Studio, 1 April 1922, p. 112. A small biography which notes ‘small film roles; assistant director, assistant editor, then with Masters as scenario &amp’…’now preparing own “originals”.

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Janice Healey (birth and death details)

Christine Gledhill (MPS reference)

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