hd2.jpg b. 1886

d. 1961

Poet, playwright, novelists, editor, actor, translator.

H. D was a contributing editor to the journal Close Up (founded by Kenneth MacPherson and Bryer). As Pool films, the trio produced Foothills (1927), Wingbeat (1927), and Borderline (1930). According to Antonia Lant and Ingrid Periz, H. D. ‘never wrote directly about film again after 1929’ (Red Velvet Seat, p. 702). Two of H.D’s Close Up pieces, ‘Projector’ [1927] (pp. 202-4) and ‘The Mask and the Movietone [1929] (pp. 205-211) are reproduced in Red Velvet Seat (Lant with Periz, eds., London/New York: Verso, 2006).

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