Née Irene Florence M[iller] Ford

b. 1880, Islington, London, England

d. 16 July 1964, Neville Cross, County Durham, England

Screenwriter, Novelist, Journalist, Publicist(?)

Miller began her career as a journalist and short story writer. She entered the film industry circa 1915 and began writing scenarios for Barker.Mrs Cassell’s Profession aka The Striped Stocking Gang (1915, Barker-Neptune) was based on Miller’s own story and other original scenarios by Miller include those for Meg O’ the Woods (1918, Holmfirth) and Her Lonely Soldier (1919, Barker). In 1919 Miller joined the publicity department of Vitagraph and in 1920 she adapted Walter Besant’s Children of Gibeon for the Progress Film Company. The following year Miller wrote the scenario for The Night Riders, one of G. B. Samuelson’s American productions.


‘Scribes of the Screen’, Motion Picture Studio, 1 April 1922, p. 112. Short biography which notes that ‘Originally a journalist, she entered film world “full of enthusiasm”’ but now is ‘sick of it all’ after rejections. She was ‘carefully and kindly taught the art of scenario-writing by Captain Will Barker . . .’

‘Irene Miller Joins Vitagraph Publicity’, Cinema News and Property Gazette, 14 August 1919, p. 82: “Francis W. Reader, head of Vitagraph publicity department, has a new colleague in Irene Miller who had several novels and short stories to her credit before she entered the film trade. Two of her scenarios were ‘Meg O’ the Woods’ and ‘Her Lonely Soldier’, the latter due for release shortly. A recent adaptation she has done is Gertrude Page’s ‘The Edge of Beyond’. Mr Reader and Miss Miller are both curiously enough keen students of classical history, the former being indeed quite an archaeological expert”

‘First Lady Scenario Editor and Her Interesting Career’, Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly, 7 September 1916, p. 19:

Miss Irene Miller, who is said to be the first lady in England to become a scenario editor (or should it be editress), has had an exceptionally interesting career. At a very early age she developed, to use her own expression, a “mania” for writing in dramatic form and went on the stage soon after leaving school, not so much with the idea of becoming a popular actress, but in order to find out at first hand exactly how plays are stage, and how they need to be written. Then Miss Miller took up drawing, and how far she succeeded in this direction can be judged by the popularity of her published drawings, and it is interesting to note that many of the attractively designed synopses given away at trade shows are the work of her skilful fingers. Se is now scenario editor to a well known producing firm, and is at present engaged on the final chapters of a novel taken from the plot of what in her opinion, is the best kinema play she ever wrote. The book is to be entitled “The Managing Director.”

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