[NB This is not a complete list of Iris Barry’s Spectator articles, please contact us if you have further details]

‘A Comparison of the Arts’, the Spectator, 3 May 1924, p. 707.

‘Hope Fulfilled’, the Spectator, 17 May 1924, pp. 788.

‘The Niebelungs’, the Spectator, 14 June 1924, p. 955.

‘Sublimity Versus Vulgarity’, the Spectator, 11 October 1924, pp. 501-502.

‘Progress is Being Made’, the Spectator, 14 February 1925, pp. 235-236.

‘American Prestige and British Films, the Spectator, 11 July 1925, pp. 51-52.

‘The Necessity for Good Films’, the Spectator, 24 October 1925, p. 672.

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