As Screenwriter:

The Swindler (1919)

God’s Good Man (1919)

The Sword of Fate (1921) (with Frances E. Grant)

As Actor:

Comradeship (1919) (Armstrong’s Housekeeper)

God’ s Good Man (1919) (Mrs Spice/Spruce?)

At the Villa Rose (1920) (Helene)

All Roads Lead to Calvary (1921) (The Landlady)

The Sword of Fate (1921) (Mrs Moltram)

Sam’s Boy (1922) (Mrs Sam Brown)

A Rogue in Love (1922) (Landlady)

Creation (1922)

His Last Bow (The Last Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series) (1923) (Martha)

Heartstrings (1923) (Mrs Wilson)

The Fair Maid of Perth (1923)

The Money Habit (1924) (Mrs Hastings)

The Kensington Mystery (The Old Man in the Corner series) (1924) (Mrs Yule)

The Passing of Mr Quinn (1928) (Landlady)

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