Make-Up Expert, worked for the European Headquarters for Max Factor, ‘Screen and Stage Make-Up Experts’

In her article on ‘Modern Cinema Make-Up’, Lena notes that ‘film make-up is entirely based on the photographic values of colour’ and that ‘to master this subject calls for scientific work of a high order and great painstaking research’. She applauds the recent invention, ‘after months of intensive experiments conducted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in co-operation with the American Society of Cinematographers and Association of Motion Picture Producers, of Panchromatic Make-up for Panchromatic Stock’. For Lena, modern make-up ‘does not show the slightest sign, even in close-ups of that sad spectacle, a supposedly strong “he-man” with rouged lips and blackened eyes’, a phenomenon ‘previously unavoidable when using pigments and colouring not primarily invented for screen use’. (NM)


Purcell, Lena M, ‘Modern Cinema Make-Up’, The Bioscope British Film Number 1928, p. 245 (between 12 December and 19 December issues).


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