Née R. Lucita Squier

b. 9 April 1889, Buffalo, Colorado, USA
d. November 1980, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Married Albert Rhys Williams, 1923*

Squier worked in both Britain and America. In the US Federal Census of 1920, Squier’s occupation is listed as auditor for a film company. She is credited as one of the writers of the portmanteau film, Bits of Life (1921) and wrote the scenario for Penrod (1922), from the novel by Booth Tarkington (both Marshall Neilan Productions, USA). In the summer of 1922 she arrived in the UK. In the November of that year she left for Russia (via Poland and Austria) to make a film for the Quakers on the ‘Friends’ Emergency and War Victims’ Relief Committee.* She was accompanied by war correspondent and explorer George Hubert Wilkins (later Sir Hubert Wilkins).* According to Peter Hughes, Squier married Communist supporter Albert Rhys Williams in 1923 and the two travelled around the USSR together. When they needed more money she would travel to Britain and get work with film companies. During this period Squier wrote scenarios for The Royal Oak (1923, Stoll Picture Productions), A Gamble with Hearts (1923, Master Films), Straws in the Wind (with Burton George and Frank Miller) (1924, BP Productions) and A Daughter of Love (1925, Stoll). Squier is also credited with the continuity for Tons of Money (1924, Walls and Henson).

Squier felt that British films should strive to be ‘essentially British’ but also have ‘cognisance of American technique’ (Kinematograph Weekly, 3 August 1922, p. 41). (NM)

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Peter Hughes, ‘Albert Rhys Williams’, Online Dictionary of Unitarian Universalist Biography: http://www25.uua.org/uuhs/duub/articles/albertrhyswilliams.html

Albert Rhys Willams, Journey into Revolution (1969) Editor’s note by Lucita Williams Squier.


Birth and death dates – Janice Healey

* Elizabeth Chipman


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2 Responses to “Lucita Squier”

  1. Lucita Squier Williams was a cousin of mine. I remember seeing her in Boston not long before she died. I have lots of family information including a picture of her on the front of a locomotive of her father’s Mexican railroad in 1898.

    • Dr Stephen Carthew Says:

      I am working on a script for a film and detailed biography about Sir Hubert Wilkins, who travelled with your cousin Lucita Squires nin Russia in 1922. Could you be in touch with me. Really interested in what you might have particularly photos, family stories, letters and her diary of the times if available. They went through some major adventures together. See Simon Nashts Book The Last Explorer p.113.

      I am not great on blogs etc could you respond via my email scarthew47@gmail.com

      We may even want to interview family members of the friends of Wilkins who might add to the story.

      Cheers Stephen

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