Née Sybil Margaret Chute

b. 7 June 1886, Norwood, London, England

d. November 1948, Los Angeles, California, USA

Journalist, columnist for Picture Show and Everybody’s Weekly in the late 1920s.

Margaret Chute was the daughter of actor Charles Kean Chute (b. 1858, Bath, Somerset, England) and Sybil Claridge Andrews (b. 1860, Holloway, London, England) and the sister of Dorothea Emily Chute.Margaret was a columnist for the magazine Picture Show during the late 1920s. In November 1926, the magazine recorded that ‘Margaret Chute, the well-known society writer recently visited Los Angeles, taking with her exclusive introductions that gained her entry to all of the best-known studios’. While in Hollywood, Margaret wrote a number of articles including a series of ‘intimate’ interviews with Pola Negri and Gloria Swanson and a piece titled ‘John Gilbert and his Hair’. Margaret’s society connections may have come from her sister Dorothea (known as Dora), who had become Lady McFaydyean following her marriage to Andrew McFadyean.

Margaret visited America again in 1928 and in 1940 but we do not yet have any detailed information about these visits. (NM)

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