hat-image-link.jpg b. 15 October 1880

d. 2 October 1958

Birth-control pioneer, playwright, poet, screenwriter.

“The greatest social influence since the discovery of printing is the Cinema” – Marie Stopes, ‘The Unsuspected Future of the Cinema’ (1918).

Dr Marie Stopes is perhaps best known as a writer and campaigner for birth control. She wrote the story for Samuelson’s Masie’s Marriage (1923), a film that sought to capitalise on the controversy and success of Stopes’ 1918 book, Married Love.


‘Dr Marie Stopes on Her Banned Film: A Complaint – and a Rejoinder’, Motion Picture Studio, 28 July 1923, p. 14.

Lant, Antonia, with Ingrid Periz, eds., Red Velvet Seat (London/New York: Verso, 2006) includes a short biography and reprints Stopes’s ‘The Unsuspected Future of the Cinema’ [1918] (pp. 291-295) and ‘Where are My Children?‘ (p. 317).


Marie Stopes’s paper are held in the British Library, London.


Annette Kuhn (SB)

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