Née Marie Anita Bazzi

b. 1891, London

Actress, Producer

Married the actor Henry Marsh Allen in 1913

Mary was a stage actress who appeared in several British films before moving to America in late 1919. She acted in three films directed by Italian immigrant filmmaker Arrigo Bocchi and produced by the Windsor film company. The latter was owned by Italian Guido Serra da Cassano, also manager of the Cines Film Company offices in London. In 1919, the Mary Marsh Allen production company produced the film Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1919), in which Mary starred alongside her husband.

During the First World War, Mary was engaged in charitable work raising funds for the London immigrant families of Italian soldiers at war and the Italian Red Cross. After moving to America, the Marsh Allens continued to work on the stage, and Mary also carried out charitable work on behalf of the Italian community in New York.

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