Filmography (all credits are as scriptwriter, scenarist, co-scenarist etc)

A Strand of Blond Hair (USA 1914)                     

Mavis of the Glen (USA 1915)                

The Little Gypsy (USA 1915)                  

The Unfaithful Wife (USA 1915)              

A Soldier’s Oath (USA 1915)                  

The Green-Eyed Monster (USA 1916)                 

A Parisian Romance (USA 1916)            

Gold and the Woman (USA 1916)                       

Blazing Love (USA 1916)                       

The Eternal Sapho (USA 1916)               

Sins of Men (USA 1916)            

East Lynne (USA 1916)             

Ambition (USA 1916)                 

The Unwelcome Mother  (USA 1916)      

Her Double Life (USA 1916)                   

The War Bride’s Secret (USA 1916)                    

Love and Hate (USA 1916)                     

The Vixen (USA 1916)  

The Bitter Truth  (USA 1917)      

The New York Peacock  (USA 1917)      

Sister Against Sister (USA 1917)                       

Love’s Law (USA 1917)              

Tangled Lives (USA 1917)                      

She (USA 1917)            

Two Little Imps (USA 1917)                    

Jack and the Beanstalk (USA 1917)                   

Wrath of Love (USA 1917)                      

Outwitted (USA 1917)                

The Eternal Mother (USA 1917)              

The Secret of the Storm Country (USA 1917)      

The Avenging Trail (USA 1917)               

Cheating the Public (USA 1918)             

The Reason Why (USA 1918)                

Her Only Way (USA 1918)                     

The Forbidden City (USA 1918)              

The Panther Woman (USA 1918)            

The Heart of Wetona (USA 1919)            

The Other Man’s Wife (USA 1919)                      

The Glorious Lady (USA 1919)               

Mothers of Men  (USA 1920)      

Yes or No (USA 1920)   

The Wonderful Chance (USA 1920)                     

The New York Idea (USA 1920)              

Passion Flower  (USA 1921)      

The Sign on the Door (USA 1921)                       

Perjury (USA 1921)                   

Shams of Society (USA 1921)                

Moonshine Valley (USA 1922)                

The White Slippers (GB 1924)                

The Sins Ye Do (GB 1924)        

La princesse aux clowns (France 1924)              

Forbidden Cargoes (GB  1925)   

A Woman Redeemed (GB 1927)            

The White Sheik (GB 1928)                   

The Ringer (GB  1928)   

Mon gosse de père (France 1930)                      

Accusée, levez-vous! (France 1930)                    

Cordon-Bleu (France 1932)                    

My Old Dutch (GB 1934)                       

Uncertain writing credits                    

A Celebrated Scandal (USA 1915)                      

Love Aflame (USA 1917)            

The Babes in the Woods (USA 1917)                  

The Honor System (USA 1917)              

Over the Hill (USA 1917)            

Smilin’ Through  (USA 1922)      

The Magician (USA 1926) 

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