link-question-1.jpg Maud Frances Riseley 

Born 1876 (January-March quarter), Bristol, Gloucester, UK

Died 1962 (January-March quarter), Gloucester, UK

Musician (violin)


Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly, 4 October 1917, p. 82:

‘Miss Maud Risley [sic], the accomplished violin soloist, now playing at the Acton Cinema, Horn Lane, Acton, W., will shortly enter upon her eighth year of engagement in Madame Walters’ Orchestra.’

KW, 6 June 1918, p. 95:

‘Miss Maud Riseley, the accomplished chef d’orchestre and solo violinist at the Grand Cinema, Great Western Road, Paddington, is the daughter of a quite famous musician in the West of England, namely, Mr. George Riseley, who has spent the greater part of his life as organist and conductor of Bristol Cathedral.’

The 1911 Census gives Maud’s profession as music mistress (violin and piano). Her father, George Riseley, is referenced as a professor of music.


Janice Healey (KW references, birth, death and census details)


One Response to “Maud Riseley”

  1. Barry Says:

    I’d never heard of Maud Riseley until a few days ago when I purchased a number of violins and related items. Among them was a bow case containing a bow. The case is stamped with the retailer, a high class London outlet J & A Beare. Written in ink on the inside of the lid is “Present address” followed by Maud Risely and a Gloucester address. Whilst I’m certain this was her bow case, it is impossible to confirm the bow was hers. However, it’s an old bow which has deteriorated over the years and I have no reason to suspect it didn’t belong to Maud.

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