link-question-1.jpg Née Muriel Elsie Augusta Russell, daughter of Reginald Russell and Nina Alleyneb. 28 January 1884, Kensington, London

Writer, Editor, Actress

(1912 married Francis Bunce Greenfield)

Muriel co-scripted films with Christabel Lowndes-Yates and collaborated with her on film-related issues for The Literary Yearbook (c. 1921).

[‘Who’s What’ entry for Muriel Alleyne in Kinematograph Yearbook 1922 (p. 277) contradicts some of the above information re: birth, stating that she was born in Flixton, Lancashire. The entry also claims that: ‘Career commenced in grand opera in 1894. Commenced screen career in 1910, playing leading in an Enoch Arden film by Cricks and Martin, also played for Mrs Batley, Hepworths and several films for Pathé Frères’ – NM]


‘Scribes of the Screen’, Motion Picture Studio, 1 April 1922, p. 112.

Charles Mosley, ed., Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 vol.1 (Wilmington: Burke’s Peerage, 2003) p.320

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