As Writer:

Her Son For His

An Old World Romance

The Scent of a Rose

The Unfrocked Priest

The Unforseen

The Mystery of Lady Clinton

Murphy’s Trousers

A Bold Venture (1912, Hepworth)

In Wolf’s Clothing (1912, Hepworth)

The Indian Woman’s Pluck (1912, Hepworth)

The Forsaken (1913, Hepworth)

The Dead Heart (1914, Hepworth) [play adaptation]

Time and the Hour (1915, Michaelson) [play adaptation]

Hims Ancient and Modern (c.1921/2, scenarist)*

Fatty’s Overtime (a.k.a. Agitated Agitator?, scenarist)*

The City of Youth (1928, British University Films)

*Information provided by Janice Healey; source Motion Picture Studio, 1921-22.

◊ Titles credited to Alleyne in the Kinematograph Yearbook 1922 (p. 277) but not listed in Denis Gifford’s British Film Catalogue Volume 1 (Fiction Films) and yet to be researched further. If you have any information about these titles please contact us.

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