Writing By Nellie Tom Gallon

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‘What is a British Film?’, Stoll’s Editorial News, 25 March 1920, p. 3.

‘The Dramatist on the Screen’, Stoll’s Editorial News, 5 April 1920, p. 7.

‘No Smoking!’, Stoll’s Editorial News, 15 April 1920, p. 7.

‘Two Hearts that Beat as One’, Stoll’s Editorial News, 29 April 1920, p. 4.

‘Perecentages’, Stoll’s Editorial News, 20 May 1920, p. 7.

References to Nellie Tom Gallon

The Bioscope, 22 April 1920, p. viii. Report of Stoll Film Company convention. Mentions Gallon has ‘secured some wonderful publicity for the pictures [Stoll] were making’.

Kinematograph Weekly, ‘Screening a Popular Novel’, 6 April 1922, p. 48. Reports that the Diamond Film Co. has purchased the rights to Tom Gallon’s novel, A Rogue in Love (this was previously filmed by the London Film Company but the negative was destroyed in a studio fire). Nellie Tom Gallon ‘will be associated with the production’ .

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