b. 11 June 1884, Harborne, Warwickshire, England.

Screenwriter, Producer, Actress, Director.

Married in 1923 to Fred Le Roy Granville

Hyland worked in both the UK and Hollywood industries. After a short stint on the stage, she began her screen career in 1912. Her first film was The Love of an Actress and she also featured in Caste (Ideal Film Co.). Between 1916 and 1920 she was based in the USA (working for Fox, Vitagraph, Famous-Players and G. B. Samuelson) but returned to the UK where she acted in Mr Pim Passes By (1921, Samuelson). In 1922 she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in With Father’s Help, and in 1923 she starred in the US production, Shifting Sands (1923), directed by her husband Fred Le Roy Granville, with whom she had worked in America. The following year Hyland directed and starred in The Haunted Pearls (source: Motion Picture Studio, 9th February 1924, p. 5) and in 1925 she acted in Forbidden Cargoes (directed by Granville), and with a scenario by Mary Murillo.

In 1922 Hyland told the trade press that a woman was ‘as capable a director as a man’ and hoped to prove the truth of this assertion with a series of two reel comedies she was to direct [Kinematograph Weekly, 4 May 1922, p. 54] (NB no titles are mentioned in this article but probably included With Father’s Help (1922)). According to the Motion Picture Studio, Hyland was also ‘an expert cutter, and [was] often to be found among the endless celluloid ribbons’. She was also reported to have directed ‘a series of comedies in which she […] starred’ (13th January 1923, p. 8 ). (NM)

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