link-question-1.jpg Continuity Writer
Renie Marrison worked as a continuity writer on films including Flames of Passion (Graham Cutts, 1922), The Lodger (Alfred Hitchcock, 1926) and The Triumph of the Rat (Cutts, 1926). Her 1926 Picturegoer article,’Memory By Proxy’, in which she describes the continuity writer as ‘the hired memory of the director’ (p.28), suggests that she may also have worked on Adrian Brunel’s The Man Without Desire (1923).

Renie’s article provides a fascinating insight into the work of the continuity writer at this time and makes some interesting comments on the position of women in the film industry.


‘Beyond the comparatively few people engaged in film production and criticism, nobody knows what continuity writing is. From the sound of it, it is generally supposed to be semi-creative work done at a desk – probably revision of scenarios – and at that, speculation passes it over, little dreaming it to be one of the most fascinating of all professions, and especially for women, who have too often to be content with the donkey work of the world.’ [p.28]



Renie Marrison, ‘Memory by Proxy’, The Picturegoer, October 1926, pp. 28-9 and p.63.

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