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Rose M. Williams was an editor and worked for a number of companies including Fox Films (for three years, dates unknown), Ideal (for eighteen months, dates unknown), Western Import, the Swedish Biograph Co. and Stoll. At Stoll ‘she assembled an edited for the majority of producers, revised and edited for others, and also edited films purchased from outside sources’. After leaving Stoll in July 1922 she announced her intention to go freelance and expressed an interest in taking work as a production assistant, scenario editor or editor. The following month, however, she joined Associated First National as the manager of the ‘editorial department’ (presumably cutting rather than scenario editing).

Titles Williams edited included The Call of the Blood (for the Stoll release of the film), The Flame of Life and Tommy Atkins in Berlin. According to The Cinema she also edited the whole of the first year’s output of the Swedish Biograph Co.

(Source: The Cinema) (NM)

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