Company Director of Vi-Films (set up in 1915).Film Censor and Exhibitor’s Review, 21 October 1914, p. 3 (notes Sylvia Rosen is to work for Hibbet’s); 10 March 1915, p. 3 and 21 April 1915, p. 2. (references to Vi-Films distribution company).

‘Calling in the offices of the Vi-Films, Ltd., 15-17 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, W.C., we were surprised to see how a firm of such short standing had enlarged their business.
The managing director, Miss Sylvia Rosen, asks us to state that she is not responsible for any contracts that are not signed by herself or her popular secretary, Miss Morris.’ (21 April 1915, p. 2).

Vi-Films is referenced in the Kinematograph Yearbook 1916, p. 103 where it is listed as a new company [NB the 1916 Yearbook looks back over 1915]:

‘February 1915
Vi-Films, Ltd. -Capital, £500 in £1 shares to carry on the business of renters of and dealers in kinematograph films, machines and accessories. Registered office, 15 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, W.C.’

‘Miss Sylvia Rosen informs us that she has severed her connection with the Vi-Film Co., and will shortly be heard of in connection with another film undertaking’, Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly, 16 March 1916, p. 9.

Vi-Films is listed in the 1917 Yearbook but is no longer listed in 1918.

The Biscope, 13 September 1917 carries an advertisement for Sylvia Rosen which notes she was film reviewer for The Era and outlines her plans to set up her own review publication, The Exhibitor’s Guide.


Janice Healey

Maria Velez

2 Responses to “Sylvia Rosen Homepage”

  1. Maria Velez Says:

    Apologies if this is redundant – this is not my research area but I ran into this info and curiosity prompted me to google Sylvia Rosen.
    According to an advert published on The Bioscope, 13 Sept 1917, Sylvia Rosen was the film reviewer for The Era. At that time she was giving up that job to start her own review journal, The Exhibitors’ Guide. In her words, “I am a competent judge of films, and I have had the advantage of travelling the length and breadth of the country”.
    Although there were some other people doing that kind of free-lance film reviewing, she must have been one of the first professional woman critics. Her advert is quite bold and worded with great confidence.

    Thanks for the useful work you’re doing with this project, I enjoyed looking around the website.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the information, contributions of references and additional knowledge are always most welcome. Interesting that Rosen’s planning to set up her own publication, I don’t know any more about that so an interesting lead for someone to follow up on…

    Very best,


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