Women and Silent British Cinema has been developed by Clare Watson and Nathalie Morris, members of the Women’s Film History-UK & Ireland Network.

Please note that we are currently only able to manage the site on an intermittent basis. For anything urgent, please contact Nathalie Morris via the BFI.

Nathalie Morris is Senior Curator of Special Collections at the BFI. Her PhD was on the Stoll Film Company and British Silent Cinema, and she has also written about the early career of Alma Reville (see Alma’s homepage for more info) and the silent ‘woman’s film’ (in British Women’s Films (Melanie Bell and Melanie Williams, eds., Routledge, 2009)).

Clare Watson


This is a collaborative site, which depends greatly on the input of other researchers. We appreciate all contributions of those acknowledged below, and would like to especially thank Professor Christine Gledhill (co-ordinator of the WFH-UK & Ireland Network) for her support, and Janice Healey (BFI) for her generous contribution of biographical information for many of the women featured on the site:

Vince Barnett, Amy Bethel, Geoff Brown, Simon Brown, Jane Bryan, Bryony Dixon, Christine Gledhill, Janice Healey, Dan Horn, Judith McLaren, Luke McKernan, Lawrence Napper, Helen Sandler, Amy Sargeant, Maureen Tarlo, Mirte Terpstra, Alexis Weedon, Anne Wolstencroft

We would also like to thank Bryony Dixon (BFI) and BFI Stills, Posters and Designs for the kind provision of many of the images used on the site.


This is a non-commercial site that exists for purposes of research and as a shared resource. Where possible we acknowledge the work of other authors and provide references for source material used. Except in the case of images (see below), all other content of the site is the copyright of Nathalie Morris and Clare Watson, or of other individual contributors where credited.

Many of the images on this site have been provided with kind permission from the BFI National Archive.

In all other cases we have endeavoured to use images that are in the public domain, and it is not our intention to breach copyright. Where copyright status is unclear, we have provided a link to the site where the image can be viewed.

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